Het Gildenhof / Housing

Het Gildenhof is the crowning end of the Koggepark in Zwolle. This name refers to the history of the “Hanze stad” and the park setting. We designed detached buildings in a city park, composed to provide clear sightlines for residents, neighbours and passers-by. We have opted for a building setup that blocks out noise of […] Read more
The Terraced Tower / residential high-rise

This project is about residential high-rise as a form of habitat. The design represents as a building that expresses the joy and leisure of its inhabitants. The reasons to enjoy living in such a high and large building are plentiful; the view of the city and river, the services (restaurant, fitness etc.), the quietness, the retreat.

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High Five / Housing

High Five is the fifth student housing project of the SSH housing corporation on the Utrecht University Campus. The project has a characteristic golden silhouette with a U-shaped plinth and two 70m high towers, housing 921 student apartments. The color celebrates the academic forming period in a student’s life in architecture. With its U-shape High […] Read more

TwoTwoFive is a sustainable reinterpretation of the modernist slab building and a symbol for green and luxurious living in Amstelveen. The simple construction of the slab-typology creates extra room for quality. TWO-fold design Luxury and affordability brought together – that’s what TwoTwoFive tries to accomplish. In order to realize this goal, our design team has […] Read more
Karsp / Residential High-Rise

KARSP is the first residential project of Bullewijk, a neighborhood in transformation in Amsterdam Southeast. From a monofunctional office location, it will change into a flourishing mixed-use neighborhood. KARSP sets the tone, as a high-quality residential building with a lively plinth that fits well on the Karspeldreef, an urban street in development. The building offers […] Read more
Bold / Residential High-Rise

BOLD is a climate-positive residential tower that combines a very high energy ambition with a luxurious, high-tech appearance. The innovative façade is a real eye-catcher: both the façade panels and the windows are energy-generating, but at the same time have a high aesthetic quality. The twenty-five-storey building accommodates various communities, with more than two hundred […] Read more
Entertainment Building Middelkerke

Middelkerke presents a new entertainment building that creates a unique dune landscape. The Nautilus consortium wins the competition to create a new architectural anchor along the Belgian coast. A design that seamlessly connects the building with its surrounding landscape. An iconic entertainment building will soon enrich the municipality of Middelkerke in Belgium. It will not […] Read more
De Geus / Mixed-Use

De Geus has space. Space for a cinema, a convention center, restaurants, convenience store, retail and housing. An extraordinary concept in a unique location.

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Einstein Sloterdijk / Offices

The office building “Einstein” is located at Kabelweg 21 in Amsterdam, adjacent to the ring road A-10 and Sloterdijk train station. The location is part of a large redevelopment area, changing the working area into a vibrant mix of work, living, education and recreation. The existing building has a strong and typical seventies expression, a […] Read more
De SYP / Residential High-Rise

The development of Westflank Noord is complex because in this place many interests come together. The main objective of the Master Plan is to create a new center for Utrecht by integrating the new station area with the old city and to achieve synergy between them. In this new plan the Leidsche Rijn and Sijpesteijnkade are to be restored as an important connection to the city center. A 90-meter high residential at the Sijpesteijnkade marks the entrance to the Westflank area. A series of quayside buildings of between 25 and 45 meters high form the transition to the surroundings. In this series of buildings along the quay stands a monument above which the residential tower is designed.

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Change= II / Housing

This new type of project for Youth Housing is an important initiative that adresses the specific housing problems of young professionals between 18 and 30 years old, with solutions as strategically defined by the “CHANGE=” organisation.

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Holiday Beach Hotel
Otrobanda Curaçao

Even though Holiday Beach Hotel was to be realized in the city center, the explicit requirement of the municipality was that it should have park and/or beach like character. The park feeling is brought into the buildings through the central courtyard and the roof gardens. The courtyard consists of different green islands which are an extension of the mangrove park to the east.

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Change= / Housing

Commissioned by Change= OZ has interpreted the ambition to provide a foundation for a successful start and a prosperous future through youth housing, as an integral part of the important chain: Housing, employment, and environment. Change= is pushing for that chain.

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Oliphant / Offices

The redevelopment of the Oliphant — an office building in the Southeast of Amsterdam — typifies the era in which we find ourselves today. It is a transformation of a closed 90’s office system into a transparent, ‘urbanized’ building — fit for the contemporary way of working, and one that is closely intertwined with our personal lives.

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De Open Veste / housing

Kop West is a new suburb of approximately 700 residences, at the edge of Purmerend Centre. It houses a large variety of residences, both apartments for rent and sale, ground-floor access housing and plots for self-development. The plan consists of 11 different building sites, and our plan ‘De Open Veste’ has won the competition for […] Read more
OurDomain / Housing
Amsterdam Diemen

The 21st century urban housing concept OurDomain Amsterdam Diemen is a new development adjoining Campus Diemen Zuid. This concept is the answer to the living needs of young city dwellers like students and young professionals. The three new apartment blocks, varying in height and size, contribute greatly to the existing atmosphere of this area. The […] Read more
Ravel Residence

The Ravel Residence is a versatile, sustainable campus for 800 students, designed to have a positive impact on the urban environment. The goal was to give the Ravel location a new urban identity, with a better connection to the urban and cultural climate in Amsterdam. The use of bicycles and public transport is stimulated and encouraged.

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Freiham / Housing
Munich, Germany

Freiham is an urban plan creating a new edge for the city of Munich. The concept of the plan made by the Dutch urbanist West 8 is based on the idea of “Stadt-Weiterbauens”. The competition brief is for the local center of the area. A public program such as a library, a culture center with a small theater and a kindergarten fill most the ground floor and some parts of the first. Above are different types of housing from small one person collective housing to bigger family houses.

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Casa 400 / hotel

A unique formula still booking success after fifty years: ahotel in the summer for tourists, and rooms for students in the off season.

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