The Terraced Tower / residential high-rise

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The Terraced Tower / residential high-rise

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In the Netherlands, the tower has always been perceived as a landmark or an icon. In both cases, it is the symbol of something, the cities progress, a 20th-century replacement of the church tower etc. With the increasing amount of high-rise in Rotterdam, we are getting beyond the point of symbolism. We can start to look for a different meaning and with that in mind look for a different typology.

This project, The Terraced Tower, is about residential high-rise as a form of habitat. The design does not represent the tower as a shape but rather as a building that expresses the joy and leisure of its inhabitants. The reasons to enjoy living in such a high and large building are plentiful; the view of the city and river, the services (restaurant, fitness etc.), the quietness, the retreat.

We designed the apartments with a lot of glass to allow a clear view on all the different areas of the city. Big outdoor spaces form an extension to the outside, a space between inside and the city. The continues glass railing creates a protected zone around the building against the wind. All rooms in the apartments are connected to the terrace allowing different routes and ways of living inside, enjoying the connection between in and outside and the views over the city. We call this concept “stacked individual happiness”.

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More information about the cooperation with Besix for this project can be read in this interview.

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First Sponsor Singapore
Provast Den Haag

living: 25.894 m2
retail: 1.150 m2
parking: 200 parking lots

design 2016

in collaboration with:  
Besix, Royal HaskoningDHV,
Deerns Nederland B.V., Peutz

John Bosch, Jetze Schreij, 
Martin de Jong, Laura Martin Carrasco,
Martijn Perik, Mark Lodder

artist impressions:
WAX Architectural Visualizations

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