Bold / Residential High-Rise

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Bold / Residential High-Rise

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On the Amsterdam skyline, right behind the Central Station, BOLD arises. Almost 80 meters high, distinctive, made with courage, for those who dare. A building with character. Striking by its powerful high-tech look. BOLD sets the tone for the future by the visual aesthetic use of solar panels. In addition, this durable residential tower is full of technical equipment for optimal living pleasure.

Overhoeks is the new heart of Amsterdam, located on the northern IJ bank opposite the old city center. This district transforms into Amsterdam’s new residential hotspot. At this dynamic prime location, you live at altitude, with unique views of the old town and the wide area north of Amsterdam. With its 24 floors and bold black velvet appearance BOLD is a real eye catcher.

Bold Exclusive luxury

Within walking distance, powerful cruise ships sail into the city and the IJ is crossed by ferries, reaching Central Station within a few minutes. BOLD is located in the area directly behind the A’DAM Tower next to the future Schegpark and has 143 exclusive and luxury apartments. The beautiful outdoor areas of the apartments are all finished with top quality wood. The complex offers space for many extras, such as a gym with sauna, a cinema room, guest rooms, extra storage, wine storage and charging stations for electric cars. Moreover, residents can use the renewable energy that the building supplies from solar panels and heat pumps. The homes are delivered as desired, with luxury and comfort and use of high-quality materials.


BOLD stands out. The name refers to the typographic accentuation that contrasts bold letter forms with the surrounding text. BOLD also stands for guts and courage. For quirkiness, the expression of what you stand for and the willingness to take risks. BOLD does that with its facade of solar panels. A statement that soon no one can ignore.

Ready for the future in BOLD

BOLD is not only at the forefront of large-scale urban development in Amsterdam North, but also in terms of sustainable living at height and technical gadgets and services that make life more pleasant. Carefree and comfortable living and enjoying all that this living environment has to offer. The energy-efficient climate system in the homes ensures a good indoor climate and pleasant living, thanks to the possibility of underfloor heating and cooling. The climate system consists of components that together provide heating, cooling, ventilation, tap water, and sustainable power. Solar panels, heat pumps and heat recovery units are used. The apartments are all-electric, so there is no charge for a gas connection. For the residents, this offers great advantages: more comfort at a lower rate. At the same time, the architectural design of fully integrated solar panels gives the building a unique high-tech look.

Operation via smartphone

Easy does it. That experiences every BOLD resident due to many technical gadgets and innovations. Such as the automatic control of your curtains (optional), lighting, blinds (optional) and locking controls via your smartphone. You do not worry about unnecessarily high energy bills, due to the ability to remotely control various functions in the home. Delivery of packages takes place in the luxury finished Bringme boxes. As a resident, you give up all these concerns to the technical facilities of the building. In short: BOLD is the butler for its residents.

“For BOLD, we have combined a very technical look with the warmth of wooden niches with transparent brush designs that form the outer spaces. The wood is also visible from below, at street level. The solar panels are not affixed, but themselves form the façade. Not as an addition, but integral as a design tool. That is really innovative in architecture. We found a company that makes the solar panels almost velvety with a softer appearance as a result. “


“The tower is in a dynamic location. The towers built here reinforce each other from the adage ‘unity in diversity’. Where, one has a very smooth appearance, the other a horizontally stacked look, BOLD has a powerful technical appearance. We also wanted the tower plinth as transparent as possible with features that contribute to public life. Amsterdam North’s unique character is strengthened by this development but in direct relation to the rest of Amsterdam. The city becomes more cosmopolitan, but the local atmosphere is maintained by applying a lot of greenery, the relationship with the water and the activity in the area.”

Click here to watch a video about the sustainability of this building. 

RTLZ ‘Nederland Maakt Het’ featured an interview with Chris Zwiers about the BOLD. Explaining the way innovations are integrated in the architecture and how OZ operates in these dynamic and future orientated environments. Watch the item below:

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VORM ontwikkeling BV

33.100 m2
143 apartments
203 student apartments
Commercial facilities plinth
185 parking lots

Completion 2022

in collaboration with:
VORM ontwikkeling BV
Van Rossum raadgevende ingenieurs
Buro Bouwfysica
J. van Toorenburg BV

Chris Zwiers, Jetze Schreij,
Laura Martin Carrasco, Farida de Vries,
Ewout de Jager, Koos Zwitser,
Jelmer van Zelm, Rogier Söhne
Vincent van Draanen

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