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De Geus

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De Geus conquers the city
De Geus has space. Space for a cinema, a convention center, restaurants, convenience store, retail and housing. An extraordinary concept in a unique location. The station area is the perfect place for a cinema in conjunction with a residential tower. Moreover, the concept gives a boost to other functions in the surrounding area, such as parking, catering, retail and other new initiatives.

De Geus is an innovative concept for cinemas. Through transparent design and constant activity, from early morning till late evening, De Geus guarantees a lively station area. The use of a steady column rythm allows the construction elements to be hidden inside a very open and transparent facade that opens up the program to the Public square, inviting interaction. With the transparent cinema and conference function, the area will become buzzy, safe and vibrant. The convenience store, where food and experience come first, fits well within the concept of liveliness. De Geus will change the location from a transition into an accommodation area, drawing in other entrepreneurs.

De Geus connects
With its recognizable stature de Geus holds the key to the liveliness of the entrance of Leiden. The station area is a transition zone between the modern high-scale center and the small-scale historical inner city. The area is currently transforming from a chaotic traffic area into a distinctive place to stay. This requires the credible liveliness offered by De Geus. A city block that unites the two worlds with a transparent plinth in the scale of the city and a tower that marks the entrance to the center.

Rental apartments are currently scarcely developed, even though there is much demand. The project aims to contribute to the social housing assignment in Leiden by developing and constructing small, sustainable and affordable rental homes. Accommodating starters who are now too often forced to move to other cities. The recessed residential tower on a rooftop park marks the importance of the place: the gateway to Leiden.

SUSTAY | verantwoord wonen

84 dwellings, between 50 and 85 m2 GBO
cinema, 8 halls, 1240 - 1400 seats
convenience store and commercial facilities plinth

in collaboration with:
Bioscopen Leiden B.V.
Privat investor
ABT adviseurs in bouwtechniek
ARQUI9 Visualisation

competition won

Oresti Sarafopoulos, Hesh Fekry, Ytse Jousma

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