Schonenvaert / Housing

The great need for housing requires special solutions. Schonenvaert, a sculptural “groundscraper” introduces a new answer to the densification issue. The silhouette, featuring a classical warm brick in a modern form, establishes a connection between Haarlem’s historic city center and the more modern Schalkwijk. Sustainability, shared amenities and circularity are central to the project. Responsible […] Read more
Het Cornelium / Housing

The Podium Area, near Amsterdam Lelylaan Station and close to Rembrandt Park, is part of the Ringzone West and one of the densification areas in Amsterdam, where many new homes and facilities are being built. The municipality has the ambition to transform this traditionally spacious business and amenities zone into an urban environment that makes […] Read more
De Baak / Housing

OZ’s design for De Baak is a continuation, in part a reinterpretation of the architectural qualities of Nieuw-West. This typical suburb from the late 1950s and early 1960s was based on Van Eesteren’s urban development plan. The neighborhoods at that time offered a huge improvement in living standards, larger houses, bathrooms and several bedrooms. Trees […] Read more
Het Gildenhof / Housing

Het Gildenhof is the crowning end of the Koggepark in Zwolle. This name refers to the history of the “Hanze stad” and the park setting. We designed detached buildings in a city park, composed to provide clear sightlines for residents, neighbours and passers-by. We have opted for a building setup that blocks out noise of […] Read more
The Terraced Tower / residential high-rise

This project is about residential high-rise as a form of habitat. The design represents as a building that expresses the joy and leisure of its inhabitants. The reasons to enjoy living in such a high and large building are plentiful; the view of the city and river, the services (restaurant, fitness etc.), the quietness, the retreat.

Read more
Barrio Lobi / Housing

From a designer’s perspective, it is sad that the debate on urban living is dominated by political and financial arguments. While the future of the city should be at least as vociferous about the quality of its spaces and social aspects. OZ believes the city should be accessible to all and, like all those other […] Read more


NEW URBAN ENVIRONMENT Like many islands, Oostenburg has had the opportunity to develop its own identity as an isolated area. The VOC shipyards were located here from 1660 to 1800. Even after that, Oostenburg remained an industrial place. The five Van Gendthallen were built at the beginning of the 20th century for the Werkspoor-Stork machine […] Read more


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