OurDomain international eye-catcher
OurDomain Amsterdam South East has attracted international attention since the completion of its first building (East House) in the summer of 2020. The two upcoming buildings (North House & West House) will follow in the spring of 2021. OurDomain Amsterdam Southeast, located on a knowledge axis consisting of educational institutions and student housing in Amsterdam, […] Read more
Greystar and OZ about OurDomain Amsterdam South East
An ‘HPP network story’ For a long time, Business Park Amstel III, in Amsterdam South East, drew mainly knowledge workers. Meanwhile, the monofunctional character is undergoing a change. An example here would be OurDomain Amsterdam South East. The project adds residential opportunities, improves public space and strengthens the relationship with the surrounding area. At the […] Read more
light artworks on OurDomain
From the Day of Care, Tuesday 12 May, meters-high light artworks have been visible at the Amsterdam UMC to support medical staff and those who stay at home. The artworks are curated by the initiators of the Stay Sane, Stay Safe platform. Four of the designs that appeared on building A of OurDomain next to […] Read more
Aangepaste werkwijze i.v.m. Corona virus
Via deze weg willen we kort toelichten wat OZ doet om een veilige werkomgeving te bieden en samen met u verder te werken aan de projecten. Onze medewerkers werken momenteel grotendeels thuis. Onze systemen zijn ingericht op het samenwerken op afstand en wij doen er alles aan om het werk dat gedaan moet worden voort […] Read more
Re-thinking the divide – Architect in Residence
Lyongo Juliana, director OZ Caribbean is the first Architect in Residence (AiR) of 2020 at Arcam. In the coming five months, Lyongo investigates the degree of diversity and inclusiveness of architecture in Amsterdam. AiR consists of a series of debates with the central theme “Re-thinking the divide”. Lyongo will be creating a platform for discussions […] Read more
The official completion of Curaçao Medical Center
The official completion of Curaçao Medical Center (CMC), formerly known as Hospital Nobo Otrobanda, was recently celebrated in Willemstad. A hughely festive moment for Curaçao. The commissioning of the building and welcoming of the first patients and guests went smoothly. Newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’ published a CMC special, including a full-page article about the hospital design […] Read more


Liendertseweg / Urban Design

The municipality of Amersfoort faced a major issue around the theme of living. The spatial development possibilities of the city had more or less reached their limit; at the same time, the quality of existing neighbourhoods lagged behind in various aspects. The municipality chose to improve the existing city and give attention to the old […] Read more
Casino Middelkerke

Middelkerke presents a new casino building that creates a unique dune landscape. The Nautilus consortium wins the competition to create a new architectural anchor along the Belgian coast, with a design that seamlessly connects the building with its surrounding landscape. The municipality of Middelkerke in Belgium will soon be enriched with an iconic casino. The […] Read more
De Baak / Housing

Nieuw-West in Amsterdam is a typical suburb from the late 1950s and early 1960s based on Van Eesteren’s urban development plan. The neighborhoods at that time offered a huge improvement in living standards, larger houses, bathrooms and several bedrooms. Outside there was also a lot of space dominated by trees and lawns, play areas and […] Read more
Tussen Kasteel en Wijchens Meer / Urban Design

The castle and the lake are two anchor points in the town of Wijchen that have high historic and cultural value but are isolated from each other and the inner public areas of Wijchen. The municipality of Wijchen desires a development of its downtown area through the connection of the castle and the lake of […] Read more
Curaçao Medical Center

OZ Caribbean and EGM architecten have designed the new building for Hospital Nobo Otrobanda in Curaçao. This cooperation produces a hospital that matches the island Curaçao. A hospital that responds in all aspects to the history, culture, climate, natural circumstances and the population of Curaçao. A hospital “di nos” (ours), a hospital that should be for everyone, with a recognizable environment that calms and contributes towards recovery.

Read more
Downtown / Residential High-Rise

Downtown Rotterdam is designed as a unique residential building in the center of Rotterdam. A sturdy “city” building with a stepped tower volume on top. It is located in a street, the Baan, which was historically an extension of the Coolsingel, then still part of the bustling center of Rotterdam. After the war, the neighborhood […] Read more


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