OZ appoints three associates
11 February 2019
Due to strong business growth and anticipating the future, OZ is pleased to announce the appointment of three associates. Marlies Zwols, Ewout de Jager and Lyongo Juliana, together with the architect partners John Bosch, Oresti Sarafopoulos, Chris Zwiers and Wouter Zaaijer and business director Victor Frequin, will shape the future of OZ. “We see a […] Read more
EUROPA light installation Hamburg
23 January 2019
For a few years in a row now, OZ has been a sponsor of the light installation „EUROPA“ initated bij morePlatz architects. This project represents and symbolizes an united and open Europe in the public space. In addition, this installation supports cooperation in general and encourages to look beyond boundaries. We value the extra power […] Read more
Exposition Collective Comeback
9 January 2019
“Collectivity makes a comeback in Amsterdam architecture.” Nowadays the architect’s focus when designing collective housing and building reveals interesting parallels with architects designing for shared spaces and facilities back in the period between 1965-1985. The ‘Collective Comeback’ exposition reflects on iconic buildings through a presentation of scale models, photographs, drawings and films of architecture from […] Read more
Chris Zwiers in Wintergasten #17
18 December 2018
OZ partner architect Chris Zwiers was interviewed for ‘Wintergasten’ edition 2018/2019 #17. A Dutch publication of VG visie. Zwiers elaborates on the modernistic ideology, in being receptive for changes and inclusiveness. Read the full article here Read more