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Schonenvaert / Housing

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The great need for housing requires special solutions. Schonenvaert, a sculptural “groundscraper” introduces a new answer to the densification issue. The silhouette, featuring a classical warm brick in a modern form, establishes a connection between Haarlem’s historic city center and the more modern Schalkwijk. Sustainability, shared amenities and circularity are central to the project.

Responsible densification
Only buildings that positively influence their surroundings, visitors and residents, can ensure responsible densification. Therefore, collective functions are at the heart of this 60.700 square meter, 823-apartment design.

Schonenvaert is a massive urban block that opens up toward a new water feature. At this opening, a square emerges where residents and visitors can relax in the lee. The double-height plinth, with commercial and collective spaces, adds livability to the neighborhood and creates an inviting building. The public courtyard fosters the connection between the internal and external.

Gardens and terraces
Together with landscape architect BOOM, we have created an integral sustainability vision. This enables a synergy between building and landscape. An urban “peat landscape” will be formed in the inner garden, surrounded by collective living rooms where residents can organize activities. A new bank will be constructed on the outside of the building, which, in combination with other water retention systems, creates a climate adaptive building.

Roof terraces provide space for activities less desired in the courtyard, such as parties or barbecues. The views and sunlight here are magnificent. Each terrace also features water retention crates with moss-sedum plantings, which is a breeding ground for insects and birds. Bordering the highest terrace is a skylounge overseeing the surroundings.

The building is designed on circular principles, with an adaptable prefabricated building system. The residential units consist of steel columns with concrete floors and ceilings. These are flexible in layout and adaptable over time. They also provide easy fire separation.

The facade, designed with bricks from StoneCycling, consists of at least 60 percent recycled materials, adding up to 1.5 million kg of upcycled waste in this project. By stacking them with a Drystack system, CO2-emissions are reduced. This also ensures a simple construction method and, most importantly, the bricks can be reused later.

Diverse living units
A home in Schonenvaert is not just for the wealthy. The large building offers space for different house seekers. There are sections where studios predominate, while in other places, 2, 3 and multi-room apartments are incorporated. In the common areas, the various residents, from young professionals to families, can come together. This way, Schonenvaert helps bring a collective living experience to a wide audience.

The completion of Schonenvaert is scheduled for 2027. The construction starts in 2024.

Schonenvaert B.V.
Green Real Estate

823 apartments, commercial space,
communal facilities and garden
60.700 m2

start construction 2024

in collaboration with:
Municipality of Haarlem,
New Cheese Development, Egeria,
BOOM landscape, Van Rossum BV,
Van Rossum Infra BV, Wolf Dikken Adviseurs,
Frontwise Facade, Copper 8

Oresti Sarafopoulos, Maarten Verhelst,
Vincent van Draanen, Arianne Barendregt,
Sylvia Visser, Philippe Colette

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