The Diamond House
Exuma Bahamas

We have worked with private equity and we have designed villas. We even made a house in the Caribbean but this is the first villa for a private equity in a tropic location. To design a villa without direct contact with its future inhabitants or a clear budget felt a bit strange but it made […] Read more
Villa D
The Netherlands

The villa design, located in a three-acre garden, follows the outlines of the former residence, which was demolished to make place for the new house. The plan divides the garden into two sections: an intimate area for the residents, and an adjacent open area that follows the path of a small village road.

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1000Mahler / offices

1000Mahler is designed for Amsterdam Zuidas, a new part of the city. The structure with terraces not only give the building the appearance of a residential building, but also flexibility in future use. The building’s transparency and high standard of comfort are directed towards companies that are looking for an honest chic. Read more
500 Moermansk / offices

For some time Minervahaven has been subject to major changes. The former port-oriented transhipment area is increasingly becoming home to several creative corporate headquarters, ranging from fashion companies such as Hugo Boss to workplaces for self-employed professionals, artists, and start-ups. Read more
‘T Klooster / Hotel

In the restoration process of this former monk home the objective was to preserve the monumental qualities and giving the additions a clear contemporary (Modern) appearance, but always in the shadow of the monument. When defining the new floor plans for the rooms of the hotel the existing window and door openings were the guiding factor. Read more
Momentum / Interior

The interior landscape erases the strict division between work and exhibition space, and allows for flexibility and easy change of use. We did not limit ourselves to the use of visual elements to evoke emotions, but enriched the experience of faraway destinations by adding the scent of local cuisine and sounds of the various areas, which visitors can smell and hear when they sit beneath one of the domes. Read more
Furong Pavilion

The Furong pavilion is a luxury floating restaurant and international meeting centre with a 300-person capacity. It is located in a marina on the coast in the Bohai Bay, near Beijing’ port city of Tianjin. The pavilion will also serve as the information office during the development period. Read more
Atlas Building / laboratory

The reorganisation of the WUR (Wageningen University and Research Centre) has placed all departments and disciplines in a single location: The De Born campus, in Wageningen. Through a European-wide tender several architects were selected to design the new education and research centres. Together with Rafael Viñoly Architects we were selected for the Atlas building, which accommodates the Soil, Water & Climate centres and the Natuurplanbureau (Environmental Assessment Agency). Read more
Paardenmarkt / monument

The project “Paardenmarkt” was completed in 2011. The project, situated on a historic location in the centre of Alkmaar, was a complete renovation and extension of the former cheese warehouse Eyssen. The monumental building was transformed into 22 dwellings for starters, two luxury penthouses, and an ingenious parking facility. Read more
Villas Kleine Rieteiland IJburg

In lake IJsselmeer, to the east of Amsterdam, an urban development design was developed on an artificial archipelago: IJburg. The plan is divided into a number of islands, each planned out by a different architect. OZ are the supervising architects on the Kleine Rieteiland and are responsible for the design of 8 out of the projected 140 villas. Kleine Rieteiland is a test case for the principles of the urban plan.

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