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Momentum / Interior

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The space of Momentum is large and rugged, with a fantastic view across the water that separates Zeeburg from Borneo-eiland.

Momentum’s brief to us was to provide a layout that would be used partly as a workspace and partly as a sales area. These areas are meant for their projects in countries such as Costa Rica, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain. We started with the question of how the sales area should look? The clients buying houses in these countries do not do so out of necessity, or even out of practical consideration; they buy because they are looking for an experience, an emotion. We wished to create a space that will reflect something of this experience; to create an impression of already being in that country. Because of life in Costa Rica, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain is more of an outdoor than indoor experience, we realized the brief from Momentum asked for an ‘exterior’ solution – a landscape in which the various building components can nestle.

The Design of Momentum

The design is divided into two important parts: the floor and the ceiling. All new technical components added to the existing technology will be channeled through the ceiling. Meanwhile, the floor will serve as a continuous landscape, with slight differences in level, from which the walls and furniture will rise. In terms of form, the space consists of three concentric rings. A central ‘square’ with a bar and a kitchen is surrounded by a ‘data’ ring, which contains information on the various projects on screens, with places to read, and a projection area. This, in turn, is enclosed in a third, outer ring, where visitors can think, relax and take in the view.

The landscape erases the strict division between work and exhibition space and allows for flexibility and easy change of use. We did not limit ourselves to the use of visual elements to evoke emotions but enriched the experience of faraway destinations by adding the scent of local cuisine and sounds of the various areas, which visitors can smell and hear when they sit beneath one of the domes. The space is by no means finished, but – like a landscape – it will grow and evolve.

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United Momentum Group Amsterdam

960 m2 gfa
interior office building 

completed in 2007

in collaboration with:
Zee Projects,
Jos ten Berg BV,

John Bosch, Joanna Wnuk

Allard van der Hoek,
Daniel Nicolas

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