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Codam / Education

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Codam is a cutting edge, new computer coding school opening in Amsterdam, September 24th 2018 which, Corinne Vigreux, the founder of the children’s charity Sofronie is spear-heading. It will make a fantastic contribution to Amsterdam’s computer science industry providing job worthy education to people regardless of their experience or economic background.

Codam is situated 15 minutes away from Central Station at a former military zone. The Marine Terrain has a very unique position in the city. It is a peninsula with its own character. It is a breeding ground, a pivot for startups and scale-up companies. For dreamers who want to be commercially and internationally feasible. Here the energy that is necessary for effective intervention vibrates. Here, things are developed in miniature so that they can be implemented later step by step. The administrative, educational, military, financial and ecological all come together here. In addition, here you escape the bustle of the city center that is so close.

Codam provides its students with free tuition and 24/7 access. The school is in English and invites those aged 18 – 30 to teach themselves computer coding through teacherless peer to peer group learning.

The original building was a horizontal two storey, post-war barracks for Dutch military personnel. The design of OZ softens the building making it more inspiring for students; the barracks has been re-painted and enveloped in an elegant timber frame connecting the building to the green surroundings. As you enter, OZ has lightly retrofitted the functional interior making it high performing and welcoming for computer coders. It will be possible to play giant chess in front of the reception as you can do outside the Rijksmseum and the Max Euwe Centrum and there will be a high quality computer learning lab on each floor.

Codam has a peer to peer philosophy where students learn from students and no teachers or study books are required. The philosophy has been designed to stimulate students and develop their own study program (computer coding), identity and culture of learning together. The school accommodates this by providing students with informal seating areas and bean bag lounges for group learning. There will be a game room and a terrace for groups of students to enjoy. There will be an auditorium for guest speakers to make presentations at lunch time, a green room for students to make their own films as well as a Lego room for students to materialize their thoughts.

Codam’s sister school Ecole 42 in Paris has invigorated computer coding tuition in Europe with schools being completed in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Moscow. The decision to make the school teacherless is a breakthrough in 21st century social problem solving because it gives the students the space to come forward, teach themselves, develop their own culture and lead their education in their own way.

More about the vision of Codam and the location in Amsterdam; click here for the news item Een Vandaag

Sofronie London

2.020 m2
Computer coding school

completion 2018

in collaboration with:
Dura Vermeer
Valentijn Kortekaas
Ossip van Duivenbode

Wouter Zaaijer, Rene Metzelaar,
Ed van Teeffelen, Beata Kozlowska,
Jordan Barrett


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