The Diamond House
Exuma Bahamas

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The Diamond House
Exuma Bahamas

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The Sandt investment Engineers approached us in 2017 with the request to create a detached villa that would not only catch the eye because of its unique shape, but would also be able to withstand all weather conditions. The result of The Diamond House exceeded expectations. The design of the house has not only been picked up by social media, but also by various international trade magazines. Exactly what we hoped to achieve. In designing the villa we were inspired by John Lautner, a well-known architect from the U.S. who is best known for having designed several James Bond houses.

The first Diamond House is currently being developed on Great Exuma, one of the fastest growing and most popular islands in the Bahamas. The plot that was selected has an area of about 1.100 m2 (11.836 sqft) and is located directly on the beach. However, the house has been designed in such a way that it can be realized anywhere in the world by means of steel construction as well as concrete construction. The villa has a total area of 357 m2 (3.842,7 sqft). The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 large terraces and a parking garage with space for 2 cars and a swimming pool. From the terrace you have a breathtaking view over the ocean.

Its angled walls give the house a shape resembling a diamond. The walls of the house, all made of smooth special composite, continue into the outside space giving the house his unique shape. The garage and guestrooms are situated on the ground floor. A hall splits the ground floor into two spaces and connects both gardens. The main living and the master bedroom are located on the first floor, from where there is an unlimited view over the ocean. Most important is the large terrace together with the pool, probably the place one will spend most of their time enjoying a sunset with a daiquiri at hand.

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The Sandt Investment Engineers B.V.

357 m2

under construction

in collaboration with:
Van Rossum Advisory Engineers b.v.
Huisman & Van Muijen installatieadviseurs
IraDez Architects International

John Bosch, Lyongo Juliana,
Laura Martin Carrasco, Joanna Wnuk

artist impressions:
WAX Architectural Visualizations

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