The Diamond House
Exuma Bahamas

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The Diamond House
Exuma Bahamas

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We have worked with private equity and we have designed villas. We even made a house in the Caribbean but the Diamond House is the first villa for a private equity in a tropic location. To design a villa without direct contact with its future inhabitants or a clear budget felt a bit strange but it made things also a lot less complicated. On the other hand, it gave us the creative freedom to make an uncompromised and unique design.

The Diamond House is designed for The Sandt Company on the island Exuma, one of the islands of the Bahamas. The plot, although relatively small with around 1100 m2, has direct access to the sea and an incredible view. We wanted to give it an explicit identity like a small version of the John Lautner houses, one of our favorite architects. Its angled walls give the house a form resembling a diamond, a likeliness the client used to name the project. The walls, all made of smooth concrete, continue in the partition walls of the plot, turning the outside into a series of intermit spaces. Garage and guestrooms are situated on the ground floor. A hall cuts through the floor connecting the two part of the garden. The main living and sleeping space of the owners is located on the first floor, allowing an unlimited view over the ocean. Most important is the large terrace together with the pool probably the place one will hang out most of the time enjoying a sunset and a daiquiri close by.

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The Sandt Investment Engineers B.V.

357 m2

construction starts June 2019

in collaboration with:
Van Rossum Advisory Engineers b.v.
Huisman & Van Muijen installatieadviseurs
IraDez Architects International

John Bosch, Lyongo Juliana,
Laura Martin Carrasco, Joanna Wnuk

artist impressions:
WAX Architectural Visualizations

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