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1000Mahler / offices

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OZ designed 1000Mahler for Amsterdam Zuidas. A new part of the city. 1000Mahler is the result of a close collaboration between client, architect, investor and renters. From beginning to realisation,  the design took the every detail into account. As a result, 1000Mahler is a timeless office concept. Next to the uniqueness of this concept, the building was also quickly  realized by using prefabrication.

Structure of 1000Mahler

1000Mahler has the appearance of a urban building because of a terraced structure. Because of the terraces, the building conducts flexibility for future use. We connected numerous balconies to floors. Therefore, the building has a confident architectural design. Our goal was to create a pleasant and stimulating work environment. High quality design, sustainability and functionality played an important role in our proces.

The building has a great residential quality because of the shifted front pattern. This pattern consists of walls and floors in Jura stone. Central to the design is the modest architecture. It draws attention to the individual experience and relationship with the city. The first floor, with stores and restaurants, strengthens the building’s relationship with its surroundings.

We created a pleasant low-maintenance indoor climate through the use of solar panels and a thermal storage system. Users can open windows to maintain individual control. Set-back glass facades facing south and west ensure even daylight. They also keep out the sun and limit warming. Transparency and space are the basis for a positive working environment. The sustainable materials used for the interior match the look of the exterior.

Outdoor spaces 1000Mahler

Outdoor space is valued as much at work as at home. Therefore, we constructed numerous balconies and terraces on all floors. These create a stimulating and relaxing environment with a strong sense to the outdoors. A morning coffee in the sun on the terrace. After work drinks with colleagues. The pleasure of a lunch in the open air. This office offers countless opportunities to enjoy a varied outdoor life, because of its balconies and terraces.


The transparency and high comfort of the building are aimed at companies who are looking for honest chic. These companies want identity and human scale in one building. We incorporated the potential of personalization for individual businesses into the design. The need for users to feel at home while working has not been forgotten either. Because of the buildings flexible design, users can make themselves feel at home without losing the buildings character.

The upper floors have a high degree of flexibility. This allows for zoning. Users can create workplaces that encourage casual encounters. The usage of voids creates connections between floors by placing them in desired locations. This can encourage the use of stairs.

This office design is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve a chic and pleasant working environment.

1000Mahler in de media:
Chanel opent internationaal hoofdkantoor op de zuidas
1000Mahler behaald BREEAM-NL oplevercertificaat

G&S Vastgoed Amsterdam

office: 8.000 m2
services: 1.000 m2

completed in 2015

in collaboration with:
G&S Bouw B.V. Amsterdam, 
Van Rossum raadgevende ingenieurs,
Wichers & Dreef
Ronald Tilleman photography

John Bosch, Jetze Schreij, 
Sylvia Visser, Koos Zwitser, 
Jelmer van Zelm, Josje Bollen, 
Leontine Boots, Joanna Wnuk, 
Barthold Thijssen

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