Westflank Noord

The development of Westflank Noord is complex because in this place many interests come together. The main objective of the Master Plan is to create a new center for Utrecht by integrating the new station area with the old city and to achieve synergy between them. In this new plan the Leidsche Rijn and Sijpesteijnkade are to be restored as an important connection to the city center. A 90-meter high residential at the Sijpesteijnkade marks the entrance to the Westflank area. A series of quayside buildings of between 25 and 45 meters high form the transition to the surroundings. In this series of buildings along the quay stands a monument above which the residential tower is designed. Read more
Freiham | Housing
Munich, Germany

Freiham is an urban plan creating a new edge for the city of Munich. The concept of the plan made by the Dutch urbanist West 8 is based on the idea of “Stadt-Weiterbauens”. The competition brief is for the local center of the area. A public program such as a library, a culture center with a small theater and a kindergarten fill most the ground floor and some parts of the first. Above are different types of housing from small one person collective housing to bigger family houses. Read more
Community Campus Holendrecht

The Community Campus Holendrecht, located on a cultural axis in Amsterdam, marks a new impulse. Strategically located next to an academic hospital and train station, the campus with its critical mass of approx. 1.500 apartments and amenities introduces a first residential centre in a predominantly office area. This new campus is the catalyst that ignites the long desired change process from mono-functional office area into a multifunctional city district. Read more
Boompjes | residential high-rise

This project is about residential high-rise as a form of habitat. The design represents as a building that expresses the joy and leisure of its inhabitants. The reasons to enjoy living in such a high and large building are plentiful; the view of the city and river, the services (restaurant, fitness etc.), the quietness, the retreat. Read more
Van der Valk | hotel

Overamstel is rapidly transforming developing into a mixed neighbourhood. What was, until recently, a predominantly industrial site has evolved into the new Amstelkwartier through development of the dock, the surrounding area, and the addition of a new hotel. Read more
Villa D
The Netherlands

The villa design, located in a three-acre garden, follows the outlines of the former residence, which was demolished to make place for the new house. The plan divides the garden into two sections: an intimate area for the residents, and an adjacent open area that follows the path of a small village road. Read more
1000Mahler | offices

1000Mahler is designed for Amsterdam Zuidas, a new part of the city. The structure with terraces not only give the building the appearance of a residential building, but also flexibility in future use. The building’s transparency and high standard of comfort are directed towards companies that are looking for an honest chic. Read more
The Sharing Tower | offices
Amsterdam Zuid-Oost

The redevelopment of the Oliphant — an office building in the Southeast of Amsterdam — typifies the era in which we find ourselves today. It is a transformation of a closed 90’s office system into a transparent, ‘urbanized’ building — fit for the contemporary way of working, and one that is closely intertwined with our personal lives. Read more
500 Moermansk | offices

For some time Minervahaven has been subject to major changes. The former port-oriented transhipment area is increasingly becoming home to several creative corporate headquarters, ranging from fashion companies such as Hugo Boss to workplaces for self-employed professionals, artists, and start-ups. Read more
The Student Hotel

Eindhoven’s Station Square, including the former post office, had been left derelict and somewhat battered for many years. Eindhoven and the square, deserve better: a new and vibrant city entrance. The Student Hotel, with its eye-catching height will become a new icon for the student’s city — Eindhoven’s “Brain Port”. Its hip, professional organization, and young population will once again infuse the station square with energy and life. Read more
Nautique Living

This plan for the former Citybox location, in the northern part of the NDSM shipyard, is the first large-scale development of the area. With dimensions of 85 x 100m, the location is one of the largest city blocks on the west side of the future NDSM development. The architecture is sturdy and simple, which conjures up associations with the Port and New York. Read more
Hospital NOBO Otrobanda

OeverzaaijerLyongo architects and EGM architecten have designed the new building for Hospital Nobo Otrobanda in Curaçao. This cooperation produces a hospital that matches the island Curaçao. A hospital that responds in all aspects to the history, culture, climate, natural circumstances and the population of Curaçao. A hospital “di nos” (ours), a hospital that should be for everyone, with a recognizable environment that calms and contributes towards recovery. Read more
Ravel Residence

The Ravel Residence is a versatile, sustainable campus for 800 students, designed to have a positive impact on the urban environment. The goal was to give the Ravel location a new urban identity, with a better connection to the urban and cultural climate in Amsterdam. The use of bicycles and public transport is stimulated and encouraged. Read more
Momentum | Interior

The interior landscape erases the strict division between work and exhibition space, and allows for flexibility and easy change of use. We did not limit ourselves to the use of visual elements to evoke emotions, but enriched the experience of faraway destinations by adding the scent of local cuisine and sounds of the various areas, which visitors can smell and hear when they sit beneath one of the domes. Read more

Although it was built later, the project of AmstelHome was a prelude of the Ravel Residence project. It set the ambition and shaped the concept for the student housing of the Student Experience company. Read more
The Student Hotel

The Eiffel Building is one of the rough diamonds of Maastricht. It has an unprecedented potential to evolve as a catalyst for the upgrading of the industrial Sphinx grounds. We are confident that The Student Hotel has the character traits that support the Eiffel building’s new identity, targeting young, creative and dynamic people to form the heart of the building. Read more
Campus City | design research

Campus City is the follow-up to an earlier research and design based project called Campus Without Boundaries. The Campus City Project examines whether the next generation campus can be used as a model for future cities. There is growing evidence that cities with both universities and a strong connection to research and innovation outperform those with a more industrial base in terms of economic growth and adaptability to change. Read more
Waldorf Astoria | UNESCO World Heritage

Situated on Amsterdam’s Herengracht (a protected UNESCO heritage site) 6 monumental 17th-century canal houses were connected, restored, renovated, and then transformed into the new Waldorf Astoria. We were responsible for the architectural supervision and project management. The interior was designed by GA Design from London. Read more
Furong Pavilion

The Furong pavilion is a luxury floating restaurant and international meeting centre with a 300-person capacity. It is located in a marina on the coast in the Bohai Bay, near Beijing’ port city of Tianjin. The pavilion will also serve as the information office during the development period. Read more
Marriott Courtyard | hotel
Amsterdam Zuid-Oost

This four star Marriott Courtyard hotel is part (third phase) of a larger redevelopment of an office campus Atlas Arena Amsterdam. With the introduction of other functions, as this hotel, the office area has become a mixed use area. For a period of thirty years this campus has been empty for about seventy percent. Amidst the economic crisis it is fully leased. Read more
Le Plantage

Le Plantage, with its fresh white appearance, is embedded within the neighbourhood’s 19th Century grandeur. The design, while referring to the surrounding architecture, does not copy it. Distinctive in scale — it is one of only six free-standing building blocks in Amsterdam — Le Plantage owes its unique character to the ensemble of block, courtyard, and listed chapel at the centre of the courtyard. Read more
Atlas Building | laboratory

The reorganisation of the WUR (Wageningen University and Research Centre) has placed all departments and disciplines in a single location: The De Born campus, in Wageningen. Through a European-wide tender several architects were selected to design the new education and research centres. Together with Rafael Viñoly Architects we were selected for the Atlas building, which accommodates the Soil, Water & Climate centres and the Natuurplanbureau (Environmental Assessment Agency). Read more
Oostduin Tower | redevelopment
The Hague

The Oostduin Tower is a design, submitted by OZ together with ForeArchent, for the conversion of a former Shell office building into various types of apartments. The design concept is aimed at the international market. New spaces at the end elevations and top of the building create for luxury units and larger apartments, while the middle section is reserved for smaller apartments, short stay units, and a hotel. Read more
Paardenmarkt | monument

The project “Paardenmarkt” was completed in 2011. The project, situated on a historic location in the centre of Alkmaar, was a complete renovation and extension of the former cheese warehouse Eyssen. The monumental building was transformed into 22 dwellings for starters, two luxury penthouses, and an ingenious parking facility. Read more
Ravel Office

The Ravel competition project is a cooperation with UN Studio. UN Studio designed the project’s housing units and OZ designed the offices. The project is located at an important point of the Zuidas, a new office and housing area in the south of Amsterdam. The 100-metre-high residential tower is oriented towards the old city while the 80-metre-high office dominates the intersection of the Beethovenstraat  and the Mahlerlaan. Read more
RAI Hotel

Our design for ‘Rai Stage’ functions not only as a new entrance to Amsterdam but also as a landmark and beacon for Amsterdam RAI. It is an elegant design that ephasizes verticality without being too imposing. ‘RAI Stage’ hosts two brands, Courtyard by Marriott and Marriot but a single architectural expression was chosen in which the two brands remain visible through a subtle twist. On the one hand, the architecture reflects the Zuidas, while on the other it references the Amsterdam RAI’s classic modernism. Read more
The Spring | Shopping center

This design for The Spring is our entry for the design-competition for the “new” Leidschenhage shopping centre. The starting point of the design was to make a connection between the landscape and the buildings. Such that a merger occurs between these two worlds. The dune landscape continues through the shopping centre giving it a new identity. Read more
Villas Kleine Rieteiland IJburg

In lake IJsselmeer, to the east of Amsterdam, an urban development design was developed on an artificial archipelago: IJburg. The plan is divided into a number of islands, each planned out by a different architect. OZ are the supervising architects on the Kleine Rieteiland and are responsible for the design of 8 out of the projected 140 villas. Kleine Rieteiland is a test case for the principles of the urban plan. Read more
Community College Noord

A combination of two schools in a single building: the Bredero MAVO and the ROC van Amsterdam. Read more
Casa 400 | hotel

A unique formula still booking success after fifty years: ahotel in the summer for tourists, and rooms for students in the off season.

Read more
Atradius | offices

‘Space to meet one another’: the design of the head office of the Atradius insurance bank is based on communication and human contact.

Read more
Zuidgebouw | housing

Housing for young professionals, couples, small families; so both young and old. With one or more catering functions and an Urban Service Centre.

Read more
Dienst Sociale Zaken en Werk

Een open, uitnodigend en duurzaam gebouw waarin burgers zich welkom voelen en dat aan de medewerkers een prettige, inspirerende werkomgeving biedt.

Read more
FrieslandCampina Innovation Center

By means of cross-pollination, FrieslandCampina wants to merge her Research with a restaurant, a meeting center, and a sensoric lab. Read more
Im Vieri | social housing
Schwerzenbach, Switzerland

220 apartments on a small site. A compact and dense plan in a landscape with a strong green character.

Read more
The Floating Games | design research

Using the IJ in Amsterdam as the most sustainable location to organize the (Floating) Olympic Games 2028.

Read more
Velika Plaza | ecologic design
Ulcinj, Montenegro

Winning design of a competition. It concerns the sustainable development of Velika Plaza into a touristic waterfront on an ecological coastal strip on the Adriatic Sea. In the landscape design, 13 “islands” will be integrated into the landscape. Read more
FrieslandCampina HQ

The drab and dated horizontal architecture of the existing building was stripped and reclad in natural stone, resulting in a much more vertical image. Read more
Westerdokseiland | housing

Three high-rise buildings and a number of single-family dwellings.

Read more
Steigereiland | offices

The OZ office. A multifunctional multi-tenanted business complex situated at the waterfront and the first building at the entrance of IJburg.

Read more
World Trade Center | redevelopment

Renovation and expansion of the existing WTC and the construction of a new section on the western side.

Read more