The Joan / Innovative workplace

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The Joan / Innovative workplace

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Being Development, in partnership with Steengoed BMA, develops a sustainable building on the Joan Muyskenweg 28-32 for (creative) businesses to rent an innovative workplace. The concept was established in close cooperation with OZ and Cushman & Wakefield and breeding site developers Erwin Schuster and Micha Wijngaarde.

The Joan, like all projects of Being Development, will be built very sustainable. A characteristic item of The Joan’s appearance is the open structure. In addition to the large atria and the wooden crossings that adorn the facade, a transparent, light and conspicuous building will appear from the A10. The Joan will also facilitate “green” experiments including urban farming: the ability to experiment with greenhouses on the roof.

The Joan has an area of ​​approximately 15,000 m2 of LFA. The flexible layout allows companies of different order and size to settle there. In addition to space for creative businesses function, The Joan also has a social character. In the building block, innovative catering parties are invited to bring livelihood and reverence to the area. In conjunction with a creator lab, initiated by Erwin Schuster (Ambachtelijke Broedplaats Cruquius Guild) and Micha Wijngaarde (Contact Amsterdam,Stork and Hemburg area), the transition to a vibrant city center will soon be started.

See the project website for more information:

Being Development Amsterdam

approx. 15.000 m2
(excl. hospitality: approx. 500 m2)

designed in 2016

in collaboration with:
Being Developement
Cushman & Wakefield
Ambachtelijke Broedplaats Cruquius Gilde
Contact Amsterdam, Stork- en Hemburgterrein
Studio Prins

Chris Zwiers, Jorn van Popta,
Farida de Vries, Valentijn Kortekaas

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