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Orato / Offices

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Around 20 years ago, OZ designed an office building on the Wenckenbachweg, of which only one half was realized. OZ has now been asked to complete the existing complex by adding an office tower of 60 meters. The new design makes a contemporary reference to the existing building with a grid façade of red anodized metal. Orato stands for a very sustainable and future-proof office development.

The building plot meets the Weespertrekvaart, and widens gradually between the Wenkenbachweg and the A10 highway access lanes. Towards the highway, the design is restrained and simple; the square grid of 3,6 meters is relieved only by a large urban window, with a continuous spacious void behind it. This void cuts through all floors, changing shape continually and providing varying lines of sight throughout the building.

The imagery of the continuous void is reflected on the outside of the building, providing a succession of shifting terraces towards the Wenkenbachweg, resulting in a welcoming overhang above the main public entrance. The setup of the building, together with the voids and terraces result in unique floor shapes per level. The floor to ceiling high windows offer impressive views of the surrounding city and great transparency.

The ground floor will be furnished as a living room for the neighbourhood, the main entrance giving access to a foyer, a bar and a restaurant at the waterside.

The design is not only sustainable in its choice of materials and energy efficiency, it also emphasizes a high quality interior environment. The hybrid climate system couples natural ventilation with building mass induced air temperature management, all aimed at the highest level of comfort for the working areas.

Zadelhoff beheer BV

approx. 12.000 m2 offices

start construction 2020

in collaboration with:
DEV_ development
Pieters Bouwtechniek
Hans van Dam installatieadvies
Peutz bouwfysica

John Bosch, Thijs Ultee
Enrique Inbanez de Pablo

artist impressions:
WAX Architectural Visualizations

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