Victor Frequin


“After many years of working in industry and trade, I started my own company in 2005 focusing on interim management and management consulting. End of 2007 I was commissioned by OZ to assist management. Together we have established a sophisticated management team to steer OZ succesful through the years. Working in the field of architecture is challenging, the economics are varying compared to other businesses. OZ has proven to be a sustainable independent architect practice.”

Victor has a masters degree Dutch and International law at the University of Groningen, obtained NIMA A, B and C marketing degrees at SRM and has followed several  trainings at Nyenrode Business University. In the industry he was Benelux director for Forbo Krommenie during many years, furthermore ceo of Dehnert & Jansen in Rotterdam and member of group management of the international Enia Carpet Group. He is nowadays also active for the BNA as chairman of the CAO negotiating committee on behalf of the employers, and boardmember of SFA. In the real estate sector he is board member of HPP, Holland Property Plaza, organizing the Dutch exhibition stand at Expo Real München and setting up many familiar networks such as HPP-IREIN. Outside the architecture and real estate, he is member of the city council of Amstelveen (VVD) and chairman of the Amsterdam/Haarlem region of the KNLTB, the Dutch tennis association.

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