Gijs Tegelberg

Senior architect

A substantial element of my inspiration in architecture can be traced back to my German/English/Caribbean/Dutch education, offering me a broad spectrum of cultures and references to draw from.

My approach to the profession lies in imagination fueled by common sense: The “What and Why?” coming from emotion made possible through the “How?” of design and technology. Part of the joy in architecture is being able to balance rawness with refinement, creating logic and clarity from material, texture and colour, without denying the richness of complexity.

Rethinking the givens of a brief and searching for underlying meaning through diagrams and hand sketching breeds many possibilities and alternatives to be considered with the client, in the end generating realistic projects that really deserve to be built: spaces ready for the lives of human beings to use and inhabit.

From my earliest projects on, the search for sustainability has been integral to my design DNA. Naturally, from that also comes expertise in working with the BREEAM certification system.

That being said, having worked on important projects in the high octane environment of Richard Meier’s office in New York, and subsequent experience, has also taught me what is necessary to generate the right design and how to get it built within budget and on time.

Part of my search for quality lies in acknowledging the responsibility to question your own assumptions, offering your client what is important to know and what to decide upon, thereby generating team spirit and creating the mutual commitment necessary for all architecture of quality.

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