Chris Zwiers

Architect partner

“As an architect, I am fascinated by cities and dwellings as an ever-changing and living organism. Being born and raised in Curacao i am aware that transformations and changes are not always visible to the naked eye, but still make a big impact. There are so many stories, layerd context and interactions within a city and dwellings. These things are my motivation and inspiration to design funky, soullfoul


and inspiring spaces that embrace and interact with the complexity of the real world. My approach driving everything is the lead from sens-making, from the human experience rather than a fixed design dogma. I strive for resilience, inclusivity and social relevance within each design concept. OZ is based in Amsterdam and has been active for over 30 years in complex, mixed use urban architecture and redevelopment projects. OZ adds value with integrated design solutions and strategic concepts. We create unexpected new opportunities. That is why OZ bridges the gap between unique locations, real estate logic and user-oriented design in high-quality architecture.

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