Re-thinking the divide – Architect in Residence

12 March 2020

Lyongo Juliana, director OZ Caribbean is the first Architect in Residence (AiR) of 2020 at Arcam. In the coming five months, Lyongo investigates the degree of diversity and inclusiveness of architecture in Amsterdam. AiR consists of a series of debates with the central theme “Re-thinking the divide”. Lyongo will be creating a platform for discussions while sharing knowledge and experience.

The central question of this Architect in Residence season is ‘Whether there is or should be a different brief due to changes in demography’. Therefore, Lyongo will invite experts and conduct research in three design area’s: the public space, retail & hospitality and the housing floor-plan. In addition to each debate he writes an article per theme in which he will investigate if there is sufficient space to incorporate new ideas and needs in the Dutch-build environment. Het Parool published an interview with Lyongo about this theme.

Lyongo hopes to plant the first seed in the process of creating a broader cultural perspective within the architectural world. In this way architecture and urban design might contribute to a living environment in which all Amsterdam citizens recognize themselves and feel at home.

The AiR debates take place on 12 March, 23 April and 26 May 2020 at various locations in Amsterdam. Check the website of Arcam to register: