Velika Plaza / ecologic design
Ulcinj, Montenegro

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Velika Plaza / ecologic design
Ulcinj, Montenegro

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Winning design of a competition. It concerns the sustainable development of Velika Plaza into a touristic waterfront on an ecological coastal strip on the Adriatic Sea. In the landscape design, 13 “islands” will be integrated into the landscape. Each island can get its own character and identity. This means a “World of Impressions” for the total development, with an enormous differentiation in experiences and with a luxury to a great extent.

An important factor is a synergy between education and the use and appreciation of the public landscape, for example through the integration of landscape education into the design, management, and maintenance of the public space. The natural- and ecosystems can provide the conditions for a high quality of life for all inhabitants. A society is determined not only by what it creates but also by what it refuses to destroy.

One of the most important points in relation to social sustainability is the involvement of the local population in the development of Velika Plaza. Alongside increasing employment at various levels through the development of Velika Plaza, it is also important that local enterprise is stimulated. This means investing in education and training for the local population, but also in courses that tourists can take. Therefore, an educational center will be centrally located in Velika Plaza. In addition, a restaurant can be associated with the advanced hotel & catering school, run by students as part of their education.

Velika Plaza offers opportunities for local entrepreneurs in the hotel & catering industry, the retail trade, entertainment, and leisure, whereby it should be noted however that it is necessary to live up to the image expected of a 4 or 5-star development. The local population can be involved through the agricultural sector and the supply of services. Within the context of the self-sufficiency of this development in Velika Plaza, it is important to purchase as much locally grown and produced food as possible. In addition, this will contribute to the process of raising the consciousness of the guests.

Services will also be supplied and consumed locally as far as possible. The local hospital in Ulcinj could, for example, cooperate with a care center in Velika Plaza.

Ministry of Economic Development
of Montenegro

2 million m2 hotel- and leisure development,
including 20.000 hotel rooms in the
4, 5 en 7 star category

design 2008

in collaboration with:
Stijlgroep landschap en stedelijke 
ruimte Rotterdam

Chris Zwiers, Jorn van Popta,
Ewout de Jager, Christian Messing