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The Duchess / Housing

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The ‘Amstelkwartier’ is a so-called transformation zone. An area that was quite unknown for a long time but has come up fast over the past years. It has a street pattern in the style of Berlage that allows residents to meet each other. Anonymity is hardly possible here and that is exactly what we had in mind. In a big city like Amsterdam, people are looking for the security and familiarity of a community. The three blocks of The Duchess are in fact three communities where one meets and greets.

The Duchess contains 48 great city apartments overlooking the park and outskirts located on the south. Everything is possible here. Want a small apartment? Choose a studio. Looking for more space? Join two apartments together into one amazing house. With the historic Water Tower as a watchful eye, a highway around the corner and several schools in the neighbourhood, this is truly a top spot.

The Duchess is an all-electric building with the look and feel of the ‘Amsterdamse School’. We chose materials that are durable aging. Materials that really only get better as they get older. Details like decor strips and edges are made so that they do not pollute quickly. We played with the brickwork so that you get the typical layering of the Amsterdam School. We have set up the conditions for a green, sustainable community, it is up to residents to complete it.


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Kondor Wessels Vastgoed

6.331 m2 GFO

Completion 2019

in collaboration with:
van Rossum,

Chris Zwiers, Farida de Vries,
Harmen Meijer, Jacko Laan

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