student experience TU/e campus / Design Competition

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student experience TU/e campus / Design Competition

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We participated in a design competition for student housing (Student Experience) at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Unfortunately, we did not win, but are proud we are able to be part of this competition and our design, which is being present here.

Student Experience strives to create an ideal living environment where students can develop optimally and get the best out of their student days. Each housing location and group of students has its own wishes. Student Experience always adapts its concept to the specific needs of such a group. Student Experience focuses on the ‘experience’ of students: there are lively meeting places and activities are organised by and for the students. With the towers SOL, STELLA and the low-rise TERRA, a place is created where social interaction is stimulated and with a wide range of facilities where spontaneous meetings naturally occur.

All students can make use of the facilities and services offered in and around the complex at no extra cost. Student Experience is constructing 735 residential units, 50% of which are offered as non independent housing (shared living) and 20% furnished. SOL, STELLA and TERRA all offer a mix of facilities, communal areas, independent houses and non independent houses. Sustainability is an integral part of the design. With SOL, STELLA and TERRA we give students the space and facilities they need to inspire sustainable and innovative ideas and make projects or start-ups a success. In addition, we make waste separation and recycling easy and show via an app how much energy is generated and used.

The Campus is unique due to its inner-city location with a suburban character. The Student Experience’s proposal is therefore not only aimed at housing but to be an addition to the entire Campus and with the restaurant on the top floor of SOL, for the entire city. As a result of the dialogue and consultations with the quality committee of the Eindhoven University of Technology, the urban development and architectural principles of the three buildings have been adjusted. The two towers, SOL and STELLA, together with the two existing residential buildings, Luna and Aurora, form an architectural series that define the northern edge of the TU/E. The modest modernist architecture of the new and older generation of buildings on the Campus are a starting point for the high-rise buildings and the village. Its architecture and structure are interrelated, so that the TU/E Science Park presents itself architecturally as one evolutionary whole.

Student Experience

student accommodation
16.190 m2
735 apartments

designed in 2020

in collaboration with: 
Urban Sync

John Bosch, Martin de Jong,
Cristina de Talavera Gawronska,
Jorn van Popta, Sung-Ching Lo,
Ewout de Jager

artist impressions:

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