Op Oostenburg plot 4 & 5 / mixed area

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Op Oostenburg plot 4 & 5 / mixed area

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In a dynamic team with OZ, Workshop Architects, BETA Architects, FLUX Landscape Architecture and Buro Bouwfysica, VORM is shaping this piece of city. The team transforms the site into a sturdy and attractive residential area, rich in contrast. The plan contributes in a sustainable way to the development of Oostenburg in the center of Amsterdam.

The island of Oostenburg; Trade, activity and sustainable character
The island of Oostenburg has always remained an area of commerce and trade activity. In recent years, a study has been conducted into the possibilities of transformation to a mixed residential work area. VORM has implemented this by creating ‘blurring zones’, where working, living or commuting takes place with a spatial relation to the surroundings. The industrial yard history will be felt again by translating its meaning into the location. Application of sustainable materials, building installations and building methods as well as reuse of building materials are a natural part of the assignment. The roofs of the volumes are activated as energy roofs, partly for urban agriculture and as communal terraces (in greenhouses on the roof of one of the buildings vegetables and herbs are grown for the restaurant in the same building). The glass panels are fitted with photovoltaic cells, the greenhouses and restaurant are largely self-sufficient in energy.

An unexpected oasis in the city with an emphasis on casual encounters
An industrial space with vegetation on an abandoned site: beautiful green areas become an important part of the whole. This is an unexpected oasis in the city. In addition, there is space for urban agriculture, roll up your sleeves and go gardening. The possibility of opening up the façades through large sliding doors or garage doors, wherein inside and outside blend together, invites the use of the public space. Residents are tempted to use this transition zone. Casual meetings are facilitated through seating elements and play areas for children.

VORM and Oostenburg SGN aim to start with the realization in the second quarter of 2019. The last house on lot 4/5 will be delivered in 2021.

Op Oostenburg plot 4 & 5 is a joint development assignment with the Op Oostenburg plot 3 project.

For more information go to the project website or click here to watch a video about the developments taking place at Oostenburg. 


VORM Ontwikkeling BV

24.150 m2 GFA
244 apartments
Commercial facilities

designed in 2017

in collaboration with:
VORM Ontwikkeling BV,
Workshop Architects,
BETA Architects,
FLUX Landscape Architecture,
Buro Bouwfysica, 3D Studio Prins

Chris Zwiers, Heleen Reedijk,
Ewout de Jager, Valentijn Kortekaas,
Malgorzata Kowalczak, Alice Shead,
Cristina de Talavera Gawronska

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