Mongui Maduro / Library

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Mongui Maduro / Library

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Across from the entrance to plantation house Rooi Catootje on Curacao, the new Mongui Maduro library has taken it’s shape. The large collection of books, magazines and other media used to be stored in the manor itself. However, it became impossible to regulate the climate good enough to conserve the massive collection properly. For this reasong, we designed a more controllable building that is modern but not overshadowing the other building on the plot. On top of this, we balanced Mongui Maduro very well with the surrounding nature.

We designed the new library to be mostly housed underground. This is because here, the temprature is cooler and therefore better for the large collection of books, magazines, etc. However, we designed the entrance of Mongui Maduro above the ground to make a statement. One continuing slab starts as a canopy. It continues as a roof and becomes a wall. It eventually ends as the roof of the first basement level. The canopy is also in line with the axis of Rooi Catootje and gestures the connection between the two.

The library’s entrance is respectful of the plantation house. For example, we designed and made the slab the same height as the band, seen on the façade, of the first floor of the house. Also, the building height is in line with the height of the house’s terrace. We did this to maintain an unimpeded view to the southwest. Therefore, we made sure that plantation house Rooi Catootje remains the main building on the plot.

Downstairs, the library levels are made up out of multiple parallel walls that continue into the garden. Patios ensure that the Mongui Maduro rooms gets enough light and, together with the continuing walls, add a balanced interaction with the surrounding nature.

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Mongui Maduro Foundation

approx. 1.100 m2

in collaboration with:
Cees den Heijer, Daphne Vermeulen

completed in 2010

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