Le Plantage

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Le Plantage

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Le Plantage, with its fresh white look, is distinctively embedded in the 19th-century grandeur of the Plantage neighbourhood. Embedded because the design refers to the surrounding architecture without copying it. Distinctive for its scale which plainly shows that it is one of the six free-standing building blocks in Amsterdam. The block owes its unique character from the listed chapel within its courtyard. In this way the ensemble of the block, courtyard and monument are clearly outlined. The courtyard as the heart of the ensemble forms the entrance to the apartments. Opened with entrance gates on the sides the building block is spatially connected with the neighbourhood. Both block and chapel are detached and therefore remained recognisable. As a modern classic, the building combines as well as contrasts with the chapel and its surroundings.

To life in a courtyard, block is typical Amsterdam and therefore chic. It is safe and stately. The courtyard generates a single address in the city, this emphasises the autonomy of the block. A courtyard with its green vegetation and ambulatory offers an intimate environment. The court is open to the public and will be closed in the evening. Two entries on the sides of the block connect with the and the park neighbourhood. The court combines commonality with private entrances: the ambulatory allows for dry entry to one’s private entry hall. The court with a unique mix of functions is a meeting place, a social condenser. A hotel, supermarket and care agency create a pleasant liveliness. In addition, the hotel offers day and night a watchful eye. Special of this function mix is that the hotel makes use of the monument so that it retains its public function.

The block provides for an entire housing career, especially towards the last phase in one’s life, where the occupant can on demand increase its service level. Service as in comfort, luxury as well as in safety and health is allowed for by the unique combination of hotel and care agency. The intimate courtyard provokes social contact and creates a human scale. Through a sophisticated design, the building layout can be easily altered so that it can respond to demographic changes in society. Through a clever position of the entrance cores, there is a unique mix of housing typologies. It has well-lit apartments: each apartment has double or single french doors with glazed french balconies. This not only offers ample daylight but also a broad view out, even from a decumbent position. The care department with its large terrace is placed in an inconspicuous spot, which guarantees a long housing career within the block. A care agency at the corner of the building is accessible from the neighbourhood as well as the courtyard, this creates the comfort of certainty (that care can be delivered). The shops, cafes and hotel give the pleasant comfort of service.

The building is designed to stand a long life. The building is constructed from sturdy materials and is embedded into its surroundings. The courtyard with the function mix is crafted on intimacy, social contact and liveliness. With healthy and natural materials it has a high quality insulated building envelope. In addition, the apartments are oriented to the sun, the tall windows allow for ample daylight and avoid unnecessary artificial light usage. Low-temperature floor heating allows for efficient energy distribution and minimised energy consumption. A building based on prefabrication ensures short construction time, little nuisance during building and high-quality construction with a charming look. A load-bearing façade allows for a reversible building. Ground cover on the parking basement creates water redundancy and allows for trees and greenery which can grow in the courtyard. Water from the roof will be collected and used for watering the garden. Social, energetic, architectural and process-related factors are responsibly integrated into the design.



design 2014

in collaboration with:
CBRE Global Investors, Heijmans,
Cradle of Development, 25hours Hotels

Oresti Sarafopoulos, Maarten Verhelst

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