Landshut West
Landshut, Duitsland

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Landshut West
Landshut, Duitsland

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The central idea of our design for Landshut west is to create a mixed, fairly densely built Suburb as a sustainable environment, in which the scale and rhythm of the surrounding garden cities will be continued. The transitions to the public landscape will be structured in a clear manner.

For the development of the area located between the open landscape and the sprawling suburbs of Landshut, we propose a clear zoning between landscape and the residential area, integrating existing spatial qualities. Existing farms, biotopes and road connections are of great importance for the identity of the area and orientation within it and are to be maintained in the new development.

The development of the site is based on the existing large agricultural parcels, which are divided into smaller plots. As a result, a system is created within the existing structure, which allows for flexible evolution and phasing.

The main access road connects to the network of Landshut. Along this route, the district functions are located, as well as all the shops, facilities and a restaurant with beer garden. It functions as a backbone from which all residential roads branch out throughout the neighborhood. The area has a hierarchy of road profiles, of which the smallest level leading to the houses is designed as shared-space paths of minimum width. These small streets are partly linked to the surrounding neighborhoods; in particular the bike paths are part of the larger network of bicycle routes connecting the city with the landscape.

The design provides for a mix of housing types in accordance with the program of requirements. Each field is assigned a housing type: stacked houses, single family houses, row houses or patio homes. The combination of typologies, the composition of the neighborhoods and the entire program can thus be adapted per phase. For the development of the family homes a set of rules are formulated per field. Within this set a series of housing types and sizes are possible.

In the new neighborhood parking will be limited to visitors. Parking spaces for apartment buildings and patio blocks are located in underground garages. For single-family homes and row houses parking spaces are situated on their own plot, in integrated garages and carports. Visitor parking or parking at public facilities is mainly offered on the main access road.

For a sustainable development of the neighborhood the open space concept is emphasized. Through maximum preservation and integration of the existing green structure the ecologically valuable and distinctive character of the area is preserved.

Municipality of Landshut, Germany

305.300 m2 (approx. 830 dwellings)

design competition 2014

in collaboration:
Realgr√ľn Landschaftsarchitekten

Chris Zwiers, Johannes Schele,
Jorn van Popta