Keynes Building / Housing

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Keynes Building / Housing

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Usually, the transformation of a building is the step following the end of its initial lifecycle. However, in the beginning of 2017, OZ was asked to investigate the possibilities of transforming the Keynes building in Amsterdam from office spaces to residential use. Even though the building is merely 11 years old.

As starting point of the design we wanted to reuse as much of the Keynes building as possible. We only changed façades when it was necessary. In order to compact the area and make maximum use of the building’s structural capacity, we added two floors on top of the building. Additionally, we raised the existing floors. By doing this, we use them to prevent interventions in the buildings installation structure as much as possible. We also filled them with extra insulation to save more energy.

We reinforced the architectural premise of the building, continuous floor edges and recessed glass, in the new design by adding balconies around the building. The balconies are large and consist of steel and wood. As a result, the building immediately acquires a more informal character. That is a crucial part of the transformation into a residential building. 

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APF International

16.050 m2
212 dwellings

design 2017

in collaboration with:
Vismo Copenhagen Denmark

John Bosch
Leontine Boots
Thijs Ultee

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