Hofplein 19 / Offices

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Hofplein 19 / Offices

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Rotterdam as a modern town is provocative as well as hip and trendy. It urges forever higher, bigger, bolder and more. In this continuous state of renewal, it is worth to cherish its modern legacy. The heroic buildings from the reconstruction period are worth maintaining for future generations. Therefore, we would like to introduce the revival of a modern classic with Hofplein 19.

Revival of the modernistic icon

Behold the heraldic power new architecture had in Rotterdam. Office building Hofplein 19 is one of the first post-war constructions in Rotterdam Central District. Its freestanding clarity, transparency and its iconic presence are evident. This resembles for most Rotterdammers the image of the Hofplein together with the Hilton Hotel and the Schiekade block. We like to ascertain that this memory should be cherished.
We characterized the building as a free-floating office bar. The stone heads that we put on top of two small glazed objects, bear it. This is the entry to the building and a petrol station. Note the delicate historical relation this office building resembles which it had with the higher-lying Hofplein terminus station. This setting is gone, the head station is demolished, now the reminiscent of the station is a green park. The opening under the building is thus a reminiscent a visual relation towards the station.

Hofplein 19, connecting park and square

The premise of the project is to allow for clear visual relations. These relations allow for connecting the Hofplein square on to the higher-lying park. Therefore, we introduced renewed placid facades for glass objects under the office building. As a result, we overemphasized the curtain wall façade of the office building. In conclusion, we emphasize the original ‘floating’ of the office building and its under lying opening. We also enlarged the original entry to introduce the possibility for a café, which enhances the liveliness of the location. The placid underlying objects direct visual attention and pedestrian movements.

See the project website for more information: www.hofplein19.nl.

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PPF Real Estate Holding Amsterdam
NL Real Estate Amsterdam
Arcadis Arnhem

approx. 16.500 m2 multi-tenant offices

Completion 2019

in collaboration with:
Origins architecten
Omnii Design
Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Techniplan adviseurs

Unilever Benelux Headquarters
interior architect:

Oresti Sarafopoulos, Maarten Verhelst
Koos Zwitser, Ytse Jousma

Ossip Architectuurfotografie
OZ | Valentijn Kortekaas

artist impression:

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