FrieslandCampina HQ / Offices

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FrieslandCampina HQ / Offices

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The renovation of the former Akzo building into FrieslandCampina HQ is twofold. A new sustainable office complex (including a new building) with a modern look for FrieslandCampina and the completion of the square in front of Amersfoort Central Station.

Architecture FrieslandCampina HQ

We stripped the drab and dated horizontal architecture of the existing building. Later, we reclad it in natural stone. This resulted in a much more vertical image. We also divided the two longest facades into two parts. We did this by a full height glazed insert. Behind the glass, new voids were opened up, linking floors two by two. These voids and links made extra space and flexible layout solutions possible.

We also moved the originally deeply recessed window frames outwards. This way, we created a more spatial feeling on the floors. On top of that, we also simplified maintenance of the building facades. In addition to creating more spatial feeling, we also selected light limestone for cladding the facades. This brightens the building tremendously, while at the same time, accentuating the sustainable identity of the building. We articulated the Stationsplein facades vertically with two storey high window frames and deep recesses. The re-use of the building frame is a very sustainable solution to the brief. The entire new façade boasts extra insulation and high-quality glass. It is attached to the existing precast concrete façade elements. This greatly improves the insulation, the comfort and the energy performance of the new FrieslandCampina HQ building.

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SPF Beheer Utrecht

extension office area
15.840 m2 GFA

in collaboration with:
Dura Vermeer,
bbp advies,
Van Rossum

Wouter Zaaijer, Gijs Tegelberg,
Lies Vosmer, Farida de Vries,
Koos Zwitser, Michel Jongbloed,
Cecilia Gallardo Rioseco

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