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Although it was built later, the project of AmstelHome was a prelude to the Ravel Residence project. It set the ambition and shaped the concept for the student housing of the Student Experience company. Like Ravel Residence the housing is only for a period of 15 years. The site, at the fringes of the Amstelkwartier is undergoing a rapid transformation. From an industrial aeria to a new mixed area of work, living and services. This project was the start of this transformation in this particular area along one of the main entrances to the city.

AmstelHome has 520 small dwellings. We designed it like a residential hotel with a central entrance and reception. There are various communal facilities on the ground floor. For example a lobby with a bar and restaurant, a laundry and a study area. The idea is to see the complex as a temporary community with the emphasis on places where students can meet and exchange. All apartments are mini homes with their own address kitchen and a bathroom. Each floor also has a number of larger homes. The complex comprises 5 floors with a communal garden in the courtyard. Due to the close highway, the outer elevations are partly a double façade to reduce the highway noise in the apartments.

The horizontal strips of white wood and sliding glass systems make the expression of the building. Deep yellow recesses give the building colour. In contrast the elevations of the courtyard are black to form a restrained backdrop for the garden. A rooftop basketball court in the same yellow colour is the trademark of Student Experience and confirms the idea of a building as a community.

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Young Adult Housing

Verweij Mungra Vastgoed Mijdrecht

520 student apartments
15.430 m2 student accommodation
570 m2 communal facilities

completed in 2015

in collaboration with:
Student Experience, Jan Snel BV, LBP Sight,
Roos Aldershoff photography

John Bosch, Jetze Schreij,
Martin de Jong, Harmen Meijer,
Rene Metzelaar

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