light artworks on OurDomain

2 June 2020

From the Day of Care, Tuesday 12 May, meters-high light artworks have been visible at the Amsterdam UMC to support medical staff and those who stay at home. The artworks are curated by the initiators of the Stay Sane, Stay Safe platform. Four of the designs that appeared on building A of OurDomain next to the Amsterdam UMC (AMC) were made by local artists from the Bijlmer. The other selected designs were made by international artists, who have reached the design platform Stay Sane, Stay Safe with their call to design posters for care heroes and those who stay at home. The design platform is an initiative of design studio Lennarts & De Bruijn and text agency Overdeschreef. There were 1,690 entries from 82 countries of which 36 were selected to be projected at large scale.

Artwork of the IMC Weekendschool and City poet Gershwin Bonevacia, photographer Coco Plooijer of Realfakeshoes

Multimedia artist Machteld Aardse and visual artist Femke Kempkes provided the projection of no less than 30 x 30 meters. The artworks were displayed on OurDomain, an apartment complex under construction designed by OZ that is located right next to the hospital and Holendrecht station. The artworks were visible from the metro and train.

Posters of the designs can be picked up for free in the temporary Bijlmerbox Pick-up Store in the Amsterdamse Poort shopping center (Bijlmerplein 154). The organizations HOBU, 11United and Stay Sane, Stay Safe hope that Amsterdammers will put them up to show sympathy to their fellow citizens in more places.

Images top by Menno De Bruijn van Stay Sane Stay Safe en Studio Lennarts en De Bruijn