Exposition Collective Comeback

9 January 2019

“Collectivity makes a comeback in Amsterdam architecture.” Nowadays the architect’s focus when designing collective housing and building reveals interesting parallels with architects designing for shared spaces and facilities back in the period between 1965-1985.
The ‘Collective Comeback’ exposition reflects on iconic buildings through a presentation of scale models, photographs, drawings and films of architecture from the past until now. The development of compact housing or student dwellings with shared facilities offers various solutions in a densifying and increasingly sustainable Amsterdam. The OZ Ravel Residence project that was designed for 800+ students is one of the eye-catchers during this exposition in Arcam Amsterdam.
The exposition, open for everyone, can be visited until the 23rd of June. An understanding of why collective architecture is experiencing a revival will become quite clear during a guided tour. A curator will elaborate on the storyline of the making of this exposition. The tours are every last Wednesday of the month and can be booked online: ‘De Curator Vertelt’