Community Campus Holendrecht

The Community Campus Holendrecht, located on a cultural axis in Amsterdam, marks a new impulse. Strategically located next to an academic hospital and train station, the campus with its critical mass of approx. 1.500 apartments and amenities introduces a first residential centre in a predominantly office area. This new campus is the catalyst that ignites the long desired change process from mono-functional office area into a multifunctional city district. Read more
Nautique Living

This plan for the former Citybox location, in the northern part of the NDSM shipyard, is the first large-scale development of the area. With dimensions of 85 x 100m, the location is one of the largest city blocks on the west side of the future NDSM development. The architecture is sturdy and simple, which conjures up associations with the Port and New York. Read more
Hospital NOBO Otrobanda

OeverzaaijerLyongo architects and EGM architecten have designed the new building for Hospital Nobo Otrobanda in Curaçao. This cooperation produces a hospital that matches the island Curaçao. A hospital that responds in all aspects to the history, culture, climate, natural circumstances and the population of Curaçao. A hospital “di nos” (ours), a hospital that should be for everyone, with a recognizable environment that calms and contributes towards recovery. Read more
Campus City / design research

Campus City is the follow-up to an earlier research and design based project called Campus Without Boundaries. The Campus City Project examines whether the next generation campus can be used as a model for future cities. There is growing evidence that cities with both universities and a strong connection to research and innovation outperform those with a more industrial base in terms of economic growth and adaptability to change.

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Landshut West
Landshut, Duitsland

The central idea of our design for Landshut west is to create a mixed, fairly densely built Suburb as a sustainable environment, in which the scale and rhythm of the surrounding garden cities will be continued. The transitions to the public landscape will be structured in a clear manner.

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Im Vieri / social housing
Schwerzenbach, Switzerland

220 apartments on a small site. A compact and dense plan in a landscape with a strong green character.

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The Floating Games / design research

Using the IJ in Amsterdam as the most sustainable location to organize the (Floating) Olympic Games 2028.

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Velika Plaza / ecologic design
Ulcinj, Montenegro

Winning design of a competition. It concerns the sustainable development of Velika Plaza into a touristic waterfront on an ecological coastal strip on the Adriatic Sea. In the landscape design, 13 “islands” will be integrated into the landscape. Read more
Airport Garden City

Airport Garden City is a proposal to approach industrial sites in another way, more self-sufficient and better integrated into the landscape. The structure of the existing polder was the starting point. The polder is a rational landscape where the production of food is involved. Beauty originates accidentally in the repetition of long straight lines and […] Read more
World Trade Center / redevelopment

Renovation and expansion of the existing WTC and the construction of a new section on the western side.

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